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Friends of Philtone –
If I forgot to add you to my clients list, please let me know (y’all know I’m at the bench most of the time).

Here are some folks I’ve been privileged to do work for:
Carl Filipiak – Fantastic guitarist and teacher with 7 albums out as of 2008 and lots of instructional material at Mel Bay, a super nice guy to boot! Carl does a Hendrix tribute every year that draws well and is definitely worth seeing.

Tom Lagana, classical and jazz guitarist, instructor at UMBC

Knives Out and Polkadot Cadaver guitarist and cellist Jasan Stepp, an old friend playing heavy, low tuned proggy stuff, really tight

Super tasty improvising bassist Jake Leckie

Shawn Purcell is a veteran pro player working on his PhD in Jazz Studies, formerly with the Barnum Bailey Circus and the USAF’s distinguished Airmen of Note

Bob Meyers is a very talented chord melody jazz guitarist

Bryan Ewald – Multifacitated guitarist, teacher, producer based in Annapolis but gigging everywhere, former director of the Paul Green School of Rock in Baltimore, MD.

Dana Biagini – Bassist, guitarist and singer extroadinaire, Dana has perfect pitch and an excellent musical memory. Garrick Alden - a hot picker, formerly on the Grand Ole Opry, Garrick works these days with Ronnie Dove in the band Sedona and produces and engineers at his studio in Laurel, MD.

Circa Survive

Pete Cage – Excellent amp tech and builder, Pete plays in a Beatles tribute group doing George as well as prowling in a blues group.

Vince Stadler – I met Vince when he asked me to mod the daylights out of a PRS SC. Later we teemed up to build “Darling”, Vince’s prototype to show off his killer hardware for the Summer 2008 NAMM show in Nashville. Darling made good friends with Arlen Roth and is now headed to live with him.

Rob Fahey - Raised on the Radio veteran guitarist and singer of the Ravyns and touring buddy of GE Smith, Rob works hard and often.

Jim Matteo

Brian McTernan - Producer Salad Days Studio


Harry Jacobson - Smoking player, teacher and former NYC session guy

Doug Mattingly

Doug Segree - Busy acoustic performer, say Hi to Doug at a Redskins game.

Dan Haas is busy digging a Willy Nelson hole in his many beautiful acoustics at weddings and clubs.

Dan Leonard

Tall in the Saddle's Gary Frahm - Lead guitar and all around fun guy.

Eduardo Garcia - Rock solid bass and vocals, many mods and crazy things, mixed preamps, 2Tek bridges, lots of fun!

Todd Kreuzberg

The Swingin' Swamis' Chris Bavaria on lead guitar, killer retro band, fun and danceable

Scott Spivey - Guitarist and teacher

Senses Fail

Sean and Scott Patterson - Scott has Orioles season tickets right next to my father and I, musical family, good people

Russell Stone - Veteran Annapolis guitarist, one of my favorites to listen to and hang with, Russell is a sweet and gentle soul with a very eclectic style. Once I walked into a club and from just a couple of notes knew it was Russell up there before ever seeing the stage.

Pete Kanaras – Roots blues and Americana, long history with deep musical pockets and a real nice guy, sincere, after being around all over, he’s a treasure to have in Baltimore.

P Hux - Does a lot of everything, veteran gagster.

The amazing Mike McHenry

Darkest Hour’s the Dude – Mike Schleibaum, Author of Ask the Dude blog.

Pararchute Musical, my brother Ben Jacoby’s group, a piano driven pop quartet, saw their last CD release in Nashville, love these guys and they tour so look out for ‘me.

Pee Wee Mike Dutton - Veteran bluesman and LP lover from VA, pal of Pete Kanaras

Mike Kropotkin - is an electrical engineer, amp repairguy and guitarist, he is scrupulous honest and discriminating regarding tubes and this is where I get my tubes, I’ve done a bunch of work for Mike

Michael Formanek - Jazz bass great and Peabody faculty member, I don’t service Mike’s uprights, only his electrics and am flattered to do so!

Vulgaria Guitarists John Christensen and Kurt Deemer - Catchy well written 70s pop and rock with big guitars, Gibson and Tele abuse

Secret Sound Studios' John Grant - Ace producer, engineer and guitarist

Jon Gosnell - Annapolis guitarist and teacher

Dean Rosenthal - Annapolis veteran roots/blues slide guy and big Dylan fan

Mark Hopkins - Former MD guitarist/singer/composer, now at Berklee in Boston

Journeyman bassist Jay Turner, splitting time between MD and Nashvegas

Against the Grain - I swear bassist Tom McCabe knows everyone in Baltimore and almost every pro rock bassist in the US…

Rosemary Stretch