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This mid 1980's ESP 400 Series strat style guitar was readjusted and refretted with Dunlop 6105 and retrofitted with an under the guard Roland MIDI system from a recent Mexican Fender Roland Ready Strat (note: this system is available separately from Smart Parts). The customer requested two pickguards, one for three single coils and one for a bridge humbucker, both with exact same mounting holes.

I made templates to install the PC board in the back, placed halfway between the control cavity and the input jack recess. I had to gently remove a little meat from in front of the bridge pivot screws for the shallow and slender GK pickup. The tremolo is stabile and everything fits. The bridge single coil is in its stock position with the MIDI pickup between it and the bridge. The controls now feature a master volume, a master tone with push pull coil tap operation for the Anderson pickups, Schaller MegaSwitch 5 way allowing the two outside pickups on at once, volume for the MIDI pickup, bank up and bank down momentary switches, and a three way toggle to choose between MIDI and magnetics or both. In short, an extremely vesatile guitar!

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