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Taipan Tone one piece pine body Tele/Jr featuring Vince Stadtler's hardware and prototype Bill Lawrence pickups. This was built for the 2009 summer NAMM show. Arlen Roth liked this guitar so much, he purchased it and had me add a neck pickup to it. Arlen also has excellent pitch, so in order to perfect the intonation, I installed a shelf nut and replaced the 3 barrel Budz compensated saddles with a custom shop made set intonated specifically for this guitar with Arlen's desired strings and action.

Occasionally people will contact me trying to find Vince Stadler/Taipan Tone, but I have not heard from Vince for a long time and do not currently know his whereabouts. I had heard, but cannot confirm, that he was having some health issues. Vince is a nice guy and a great machinist and wherever he is, I hope he is doing well.

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