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These days I don’t do much full finishing work. I do some touch ups, but most of it I refer to my good friend Chris Bavaria of Bavaria Finishing, also of Baltimore. Chris has over 20 years experience finishing instruments. He worked for PRS for 17 years and began there as part of the first hires for Paul’s (then 1985) new factory. This crew actually set up the shop before using it.

Chris is an accomplished player, having attended Berklee before working at PRS, and gigs regularly, mostly with the Baltimore based Swinging Swamis. Chris joins me as the other melodic instrument when I go out to gig as the Philtones.

Unlike some finishers, Chris works equally well with nitrocellulose lacquer, acrylic urethane, polyurethane and polyester. It is a joy to know and have access to a great finisher like Chris. Chris and I have worked together on a variety of projects, from invisible factory appearing PRS refrets to custom builds.

In the pictures here Chris is working on Brazilian Rosewood back and sides acoustic bodies for Andrew White, necks and bodies for Dennis Fano, and a bass body for Matt Schmill.

Chris has asked that I not post his contact info in order to avoid getting saturated. Please contact me for further finishing info. Please note that a finishing inquiry should be accompanied with detailed pictures to help the dialogue.




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