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General Repairs

Restringing- proper string installation according to type of guitar (steel string, classical, bass, tremolo etc). After removal of the old strings, I clean the fingerboard, then install and tune up. This is included in most other repairs. Proper care and installation of strings is critical for good intonation and string life. If you do not know how, I’ll be happy to teach you!

Set Ups- tailoring an instrument to a custom fit involves adjusting neck relief, height at bridge and nut, adjusting/tightening tuners, intonation, tremolo action, cleaning the fingerboard, minor fret end filing, fret polishing, and cleaning electronics (all processes where applicable). This must be done with new strings. I prefer to discuss preferences with the customers and observe playing styles in order really meet their needs. I also examine the guitar with a variety of measuring tools while the customer is present so that I can ascertain the state the guitar is in and determine the appropriate course of action.

Fret Level, Crown and Polish- correcting worn, pitted and improperly seated frets and then setting up. Absolutely perfect fretwork is the key to the most uniform and best possible action. I now use a PLEK Basic to aid me in the measurement and diagnosis of fret, action, and truss rod related issues. The Plek allows me greater accuracy then any other method I have previously used. It never ceases to amaze me how many guitars, including new models, require fret leveling in order to play their very best!

Refrets- includes removal of old frets, truing up the fingerboard, slot preparation, installation of new frets and then fret leveling and setting up. Often, but not always, a new nut is required. A wide variety of fret wire is available and the fingerboard radius can be changed if desired, so the sky is the limit. Careful fingerboard preparation allows completion of the refret to be done with very little leveling required, thus extending the life of a new fret job. Interestingly enough, new guitars are not made factoring in the effects of tension on the neck, truss rod compression parallel to the grain or settlement, yet these variables can be controlled during refretting. Whether the guitar is set neck or bolt on, maple board or bound, nonadjustable truss rod, stock style refret or enhanced for performance, refretting is like getting a “new” guitar.

Nut Replacement- removal and replacement with the desired material (absolutely no plastic!) trimmed for the proper fit, height and style according to the individual instrument. The nut is a critical part of determining a guitar’s action and even tuning stability. I do not advocate super glue filling slots. A new nut precisely made from superior materials is the only way to go! Available materials include bone, graphite, corian, micarta, brass and even for you Dano folks, aluminum (anyone remember the old Martin tenor guitars and -17s with ebony nuts?). I can also retrofit locking and roller nuts on most instruments if so desired.

Electronics- installation, repair or modification on steel string, nylon, electric and bass guitars. There are many options available from repairing a current system, new pickups, custom switching, routing for an extra pickup or battery box, upgrading components. Under saddle piezo transducers have special installation considerations and I have the proper jig and tools to accurately and neatly perform this task.


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