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Is it Worth it to Fix?

The question in work of this nature is the condition of the guitar now and the condition you want it in and what needs to be done to accommodate that.

I've repaired all kinds of stuff for folks where the money didn't make sense in light of market value. Some decisions are more about enjoyment of the piece than selling price. That is a balance you have to decide for yourself. If this is the guitar for you, then do what you need to and enjoy it without looking back. In the grand scheme of things, it may be a very worthwhile investment in fun and musical growth. Personally, I let the guitar pick me and then I try to milk everything I can out of it in terms of function - a great guitar is like a comfy old leather jacket or boots etc, an old friend.

To the right are links to services offered, some specific projects completed and articles describing some common repair scenarios. Please note that information provided is not intended to be used as a tutorial, but to help prospective clients better understand services and processes that may be requested or required for the instrument to meet goals and expectations. Please contact me for further information.

Hours of Operation

The normal operating hours of Philtone Guitar Co. are Monday thru Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM by appointment only, no evenings or Sundays, closed on all major holidays and the Opening Day of Oriole baseball.

Preparing for Your Appointment

A phone number is required for confirmation of an appointment so that I may reach you if necessary in case of short notice changes or if I am in the midst of your repair and have a pertinent question. Client contact information is kept confidential and never given out.

If you are running late or need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible.

I like to see clients play to get an idea of their general attack and technique and do demonstrate any problems and concerns. This tells me much about the client, more than words convey. I swear all you guys lie to your repair folks! ;-)

Please bring a fresh set of uninstalled strings of your preferred brand and gauge; two sets if fretwork is being considered, more sets if in-depth intonation work is required. The shop carries a very limited selection of strings. Please note that some strings have consistency issues and as such I advise clients to carefully consider their use as it impacts the repair and playability of the instrument; prominent examples include DR and Pyramid strings. When in doubt, change them out!”

General Shop Rate - $105/hour


  1. Payment is due upon completion of services prior to release whether in person or to a shipper – No Exceptions. Cash, checks (with ID) and Visa/MC/Discover are all accepted.
  2. Philtone Guitar Company does not perform nor accept any third party billing including but not limited to insurance and warranty work. The client/owner of an instrument is responsible for the costs of service.
  3. Philtone Guitar Co. reserves the right to refuse service. There are some tasks, situations and people for which I may not be the best candidate; in this case I reserve the right to turn down the work. In some cases I may be able to refer a more appropriate provider. Some decisions cannot be made until an instrument is thoroughly examined; in the event that significant bench time is used for examination, the client is responsible for the cost of the bench time.
  4. If an item is not picked up and paid in full within 14 days from completion and attempted notification, a storage charge of $5/day accrues until 45 days total have passed, after which the item may be sold to recover the incurred costs.
  5. Philtone Guitar Company can only warranty its workmanship, not parts (the responsibility of the part manufacturer). If in the event a part becomes faulty within a warranty period, either the client or the part manufacturer are responsible for any labor charges incurred for replacement.
  6. Parts requests of over $50 require a deposit to order. Custom work that exceeds the value of the instrument requires a deposit to commence.
  7. All work intake is by appointment. A phone number is required for confirmation of an appointment for use when it is necessary to contact the client. No contact information is given to any third party.
  8. Philtone Guitar Company is not responsible for any damages incurred in shipping both to and from the shop.
  9. If packing materials for shipped instruments are inadequate or become compromised and require replacement or augmentation, the client is responsible for the costs.
  10. Philtone Guitar Company is not responsible for perceived tonal changes from a client’s choosing a significantly larger fretsize or different material for a refret.
  11. Philtone Guitar Company is not responsible for scratches, dings, dents etc on instruments that are brought or sent in for service without a case or gigbag in reasonable condition.
  12. Engagement of services by the client from/of Philtone Guitar Company is proof of acceptance of these policies.


Areas of Interest:

General Repairs

Acoustic Repairs

Structural Repairs

The Guitar and the Ideal Setup

Strings, Technique and Buzzing


Radius & Fret Out


Fretting Finished and Maple Necks

Measuring Fret Size


Using and Installing Neck Inserts

ABR Bridge Repair and Replacement


Building Parts and Custom Guitars
and Basses