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Structural Repairs

Headstock Breaks- reglueing and finish touch up. Sometimes splining is required to stabilize the area.

Neck Resets- realignment of neck to correct action. In the case of acoustic guitars, it can have a dramatic effect on volume and tone, restoring it to what it was originally supposed to be. Over time, guitars settle and resetting the neck angle becomes necessary to maintain the correct relationship between action, bridge and saddle height. There is a geometry at work here by design and it must be accurate in order for the guitar to function properly.

Custom Routing- modifying an instrument for recessed tremolo, extra pickup(s), MIDI system, battery box, enlarged control cavity or custom hardware. All I need to do is make a template, prepare the surface for machining, complete the rout and reassemble.











Areas of Interest:

General Repairs

Acoustic Repairs

Structural Repairs

The Guitar and the Ideal Setup

Strings, Technique and Buzzing


Radius & Fret Out


Fretting Finished and Maple Necks

Measuring Fret Size


Using and Installing Neck Inserts

ABR Bridge Repair and Replacement


Building Parts and Custom Guitars
and Basses